Project Afro(–) POST-FUND Announcement

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Hello to EVERYONE!

I wanted to take this moment first of all to thank each and every one of you for being such a huge part of the first fundraising effort for Project Afro(–) from August 1-September 23. It was an intense 54 days of networking, meeting, posting and spreading the word—and with everyone’s help, we’ve reached 14% of the LAUNCH goal of $14,000!! This is great progress, and we couldn’t have done anything without all of you!

As promised, a post-fund been set up and is now accepting equipment donations, monetary contributions, institutional partnership and sponsorship inquiries. This project launch still has quite a ways to go, starting with the securing of a live/work space in my new home of Madrid, Spain where lessons, small workshops, rehearsals and the creative process for this special project can take place. Several prospective project homes have been located; now, the active search for grants, artist sponsorship and other funding opportunities is underway!

Please follow this link to make a secure donation through PayPal. As much or as little as you or your organization can add makes a world of difference! Your contribution is appreciated and puts this dream one step closer to reality!

Please contact project leader Erin “Marisol” Corine by email at with any additional questions!

Again, THANK YOU to everyone for accompanying this journey into what I hope will be an impactful, meaningful cultural exchange with the potential to become something so special for all those that will take part. Stay tuned for the first documentation project, which will be announced in early December and launched in February 2015! So many great things are happening and I can’t wait to share them with all of you!

THANK YOU to all. A million times. Your support makes the world go ’round. 🙂

With So Much Love, Erin “Marisol” Corine and Team Afro(–).


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